Nurturing Esthetics by Heidi Andrus - making Portland beautiful one person at a time

I became an Esthetician by way of makeup. I have always seen doing makeup as painting on a human canvas. Once I moved from Utah to Portland, I needed to be licensed to be a makeup artist. I went to school at "Cosmetology Careers" in 2001. I loved everything about being an Esthetician and so I took the next 16 years building a career. I take a holistic approach to skin care but I am also very result oriented. You might say an "East meets West" Esthetician.  My space is a no judgement place where you can say, do, and be exactly who you are at the moment you are in. I value and respect your time and money and do my best to provide you with services that meet your expectations (and hopefully surpass them.)
I'm the youngest of 6 girls. I grew up in Salt Lake City Utah. I fell in love and moved to Portland where I fell more in love with this amazing place. I now have 2 children and realize being an Esthetician is the easy part! I used to be a runner, now I'm a jogger. I read, I binge watch shows, I get out when I feel the urge. I love being home. I have surrounded myself both by fate and divine grace with the most amazing friends and family. I'm not even sure I could put into words how rich my life is in love and support.  I would love to eat and drink my way through Portland and plan to do just that when I retire! I'm grateful for what I have built here at Nurturing Esthetics. It came with hard work and perseverance. It also came with loyal clients that have seen me through a few moves, kids, life altering challenges and all the in-between stuff. I'm lucky and I try to remind myself of that daily so I can continue loving what I do because you deserve that from me. 

See you soon!

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