I heard the best quote from someone in my profession the other day ...... "I feel like I'm treading water in the deep end of a shallow profession." Amen sistah!! There is so much more to our time together than just outer beauty. It's about that but it's also about trust, comfort, universal love, solving world problems, break-ups and hook-ups. Marriages, babies, deaths, you get the picture. I know how lucky I am to be doing what I do and I am so grateful for it. I look forward to our time together.

Summer hours:
Tuesday 11-9
Wednesday 9:30-8
Saturday 9-7
(This schedule goes against yours? No problem, just ask, I'll see what I can work out!)

Located upstairs from Tint Salon
2015 NE Cesar E. Chavez Blvd. 
Portland, Oregon 97212

By Appointment:
Call or Text 503-939-8293

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